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The following downloadable data are available through the contributions of partnering agencies. The majority of the data and information, located in databases maintained by the partnering agencies, is accessible from this clearinghouse via hypertext links.

The USGS provides two free downloadable software tools (Dem3d and Dlgv32 viewers) for viewing digital data. For more information and downloads of the viewers, please visit the DEM and DLG Viewer page.

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USGS Data Products

DEM icon. DOQ icon. DLG icon. DRG icon.


Shaded Relief map


-- Original
-- Reprojected


Uniform Aerial photos


-- Original
-- Reprojected


Spatial data in Vector format




Scanned version of topographic map



National Map Bathymetry icon.

The National Map

The National Map viewer is a Web-enabled portal to the geospatial information.

Download Transportation Data
(Projection: UTM NAD27 zone 10)


Relief map and data of the lake floor of Lake Tahoe.



Multibeam Metadata

SHOALS Metadata


Other Data Products

Landsat icon. Landcover icon. Census icon. Soil icon.


Satellite image of the Earth's surface



Land Cover

Information on the Earth's surface


-- Original CA, NV.
Reprojected CA, NV.


Population densities




Soil Surveys



Links to Other Data Download

Raw Data Download for individual DEM, DOQ, DLG, DRG quadrangles.

footer image. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA): TRPA has the Plan Area Statement and El Dorado County Parcel Data as GIS coverages online.

footer image. Western Regional Climate Centers: The Western Regional Climate Center has data on precipitation and precipitation frequency for the western United States.

footer image. National Gap Analysis Program: The Gap Analysis Program for California has collected a raster dataset of landuse. Unfortunately, the dataset is in an Albers projection and won't overlay with the rest of the data on the Lake Tahoe Data Clearinghouse. A regional dataset available as ArcInfo Export files and Metadata can be downloaded at footer image.

footer image. Environmental Protection Agency: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides information on watersheds across the country through their footer image. Surf Your Watershed website.

Lake Tahoe Basin Riparian Assessment: The U.S. Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit and researchers at the University of Nevada at Reno recently completed an assessment of channel conditions and wildlife habitat in the riparian corridors of 15 river-side areas in the Lake Tahoe Basin. This study was funded in part by the California Tahoe Conservancy. The study produced several sets of geographic data for each of the riparian corridors. The data have been moved and are not currently available for download. Future availability is TBD.

footer image. Northwestern Nevada Real-time Streamflow streamflow data are available for Walker Lake Basin, Carson River Basin, Lake Tahoe Basin and Pyramid Lake Basin.

footer image. Tahoe Basin Existing Vegetation Map consists of a raster classification map (at a species level of thematic resolution) and an associated GIS vector coverage containing a suite of derived vegetation classification and structural attributes. This is a vector map derived from image analysis of IKONOS satellite imagery, and funded by both TRPA and the Forest Service.


Digital Data


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