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Lake Tahoe Bathymetry


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What lies beneath Lake Tahoe?

The Lake Tahoe Bathymetry Mapping Project is a collaborative effort between the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Water Resources, National Mapping, and Geologic programs. A bathymetric survey of Lake Tahoe was conducted on August 1998 using the latest-generation multibeam system by the footer image. USGS Western Region Coastal and Marine Geology Branch in cooperation with the footer image. Ocean Mapping Group (OMG) of the University of New Brunswick, Canada.

The bathymetry survey of Lake Tahoe is a special project conducted to study the terrain of the lake floor. The multibeam mapping system records both the bathymetric data (depth information) and the backscatter data (the strength of sound energy that bounces back). This information can help scientists identify the materials that make up the lake floor, such as rock, sand, or mud. New data can shed light on the history hidden by the waters of Lake Tahoe.

You can visit the following pages to learn more about the bottom of Lake Tahoe:

Open-File Report 98-509: A full technical report on the mapping process of Lake Tahoe. For more information about underwater mapping technology and activities, please visit the footer image. Pacific Seafloor Mapping Information page.

Bathymetry images: Images from the Bathymetry Mapping Project.

Fly-by Movie: A QuickTime movie taking you through the experience of flying through the bottom of Lake Tahoe.

Data Download: Download different types of bathymetry DEM files in ARC/INFO format.


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