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Bathymetry Data Download


The bathymetry is a special data product for the Lake Tahoe Data Clearinghouse. Data and relief map of the bottom of Lake Tahoe are now available. The elevation and backscatter data are available in ARC/INFO export and JPEG format. Other format will become available as we create them.

Multibeam Data

The Multibeam Survey (the use of high-resolution multibeam mapping systems) permits a cost-effective way to precisely map the bathymetry of large areas of the ocean floor with 100% coverage. The system also simultaneously collects backscatter (similar to sidescan sonar) imagery that results in a complimentary and co-registered data set that is related to the distribution of lake-floor materials and textures.

The backscatter (tahoebackscat) and bathymetry (tahoebathy) files are in ArcInfo export (.e00) format. ArcInfo export files are designed to be used in GIS and is not for normal viewing. ArcInfo export files are very large, each file is about 20 MB compressed and about 96 MB uncompressed.

The bathymetry (hillshbathy_jpg) is a bathymetry file converted to JPEG format from the tahoebathy file. Click on the zip file to download both the JPEG image (.jpg) and its world file (.jpw). The file is about 320 KB compressed and 360 KB uncompressed.

Click here for information on Multibeam Metadata and FAQs.


The SHOALS survey only mapped the nearshore section of the lake out to about -35 m and the land area up to about 60 m. That data only covers areas of the lake about 10 m depth or less; the shoreline.

The shoals10m.e00 file is an ArcInfo export file. The uncompressed export format is about 99 MB. The shoals10m.jpg file was produced from the shoals10m.e00 file using ArcInfo. The JPEG file was created for easy manipulation of the data.

Click here for information on SHOALS Metadata and FAQs.

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DEM of bathymetry in shadow view.

Multibeam Data
(compressed 17 MB)

DEM of bathymetry in shade view.

Multibeam Data
(compressed 320 KB)

Backscatter data of bathymetry.

Multibeam Data
(compressed 19 MB)

Shoals imagery.>

(compressed 4 MB)
(compressed 137 KB)


Digital Data


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