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Experience a flight over Lake Tahoe, above and below the water. The flight takes us over the ridges and valleys of the shaded-relief bathymetry and up over the surrounding mountains. The lake is approximately 22 mi (34 km) long and 12 mi (18 km) wide. The flight approaches from the south, above water and flies around the lake floor in a clockwise direction.

Click on the specified files to download the Lake Tahoe fly-by movies:

Film strip of Lake Tahoe movie.

footer image 6 MB fly-by movie.
3 seconds MOV file.

footer image 21 MB fly-by movie.
11seconds MOV file.

Film strip of Lake Tahoe movie.

footer image 25 MB fly-by movie.
1 minute MOV file.

footer image 11 MB fly-by movie.
1 minute MPG file.

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Warning: Do not attempt to download these movies via a slow modem.The QuickTime movies are extremely large files. To view the movies, you will need the Quicktime Player. If you do not have QuickTime, click here to download the footer imageQuickTime Player.

Approximate download time:

  • 5 MB files:
    20 minutes on a 56.8 k modem.
    1 hour on a 14.4 k modem.
  • 20 MB files:
    1 hour on a 56.8 k modem.
    4 hours on a 14.4 k modem.

The QuickTime movies of Lake Tahoe bathymetry were created by footer imageUSGS Coastal & Marine Geology.


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