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A Picture is worth a 1000 Words


The beauty of nature becomes more and more precious to us as civilization continues to grow. The experience we gain from exploring nature imprints a special memory within our heart. The experience is refreshing as we allow the serenity to regenerate our mind and soul. Nature allows us to expand our knowledge toward understanding the foundation of life, and directs our focus toward finding appreciation and happiness in life's simple things.

Lake Tahoe is one of mother nature's most beautiful creations. From its alpine mountains to its flowing streams, Lake Tahoe is the place where we go to revive our mind and body. Its tranquil beauty refreshes and soothes us as we breathe in its refreshing scent. The awe-inspiring landscape opens our mind to a new perspective of life.

Although pictures cannot replace the experience of reality, it is a good place to start.

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Views from Earth

Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake in Lake Tahoe Basin
by Alexander Evans.

Lake Tahoe -- have you seen its beauty?

You can take a virtual tour through beautiful scenic photos provided by Alexander Evans and Dale Boland.

Views from Space

Lake Tahoe and the Shuttle.
Lake Tahoe and Space Shuttle
by NASA.

Lake Tahoe -- have you seen it from space?

Well now is your chance. Views of Lake Tahoe from outer space are made possible through astronaut photography.


Digital Data


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