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DEM and DLG Viewers


The DEM and DLG viewers are two free downloadable software tools provided by the USGS for viewing digital data. These two software programs were written by the USGS Mid-Continent Mapping Center (MCMC). The DEM viewer can be downloaded from this page, but MCMC no longer provides support for this viewer. These two software tools run on Windows platform.


Dem3d Viewer icon.

The dem3d viewer is a tool to view and move the DEM files (.dem format) through a 3-dimensional perspective.

Click on the following link to download the dem3d viewer.

Dem3d (Win NT or 2000)

To view some screen captures from the dem3d viewer, please visit: footer image.


Dlgv32 viewer icon.

The dlgv32 viewer is a data viewer program designed to preview cartographic data sets such as DLG, DRG, DEM, and DOQ. The dlgv32 viewer allows you to merge and layer the data files. Please visit footer image. dlgv32 Pro for additional information and latest release.

Click on the following links to download the desired version of the dlgv32 viewer.

Dlgv32 version 5.10

Dlgv32 version 4.44

For more information and to view some screen captures from the dlgv32 viewer, please visit: footer image.


Digital Data


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